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Why Columbus Day is considered a national holiday is beyond me. Kiddos, since you’re not in school today, take the time to learn the true history behind our nation’s ancestral roots. #imperialism #colonialism #manifestdestiny

She finally started eating dry food on her own again. Now I just need her to drink water. It’s gonna suck having to take her to the vet this weekend for her shots. She just got comfortable and I’ll face another week of the cold shoulder when she realizes she has to go in her crate again. #Sagan #kittymommy #movingsucks

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Salvador Dalí in collaboration with Walt Disney.

This is hauntingly pretty.

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It’s October 3rd. Happy Mean Girls Day! #meangirls #aaronsamuels #octoberthird

My lil bro @stevegotinmypants just gifted me this beautiful @livelokai bracelet! I’ve been wanting one for ages and he got one for each of us in our small little reunited family. #livelokai #balance #unity